Rec Boot has very simple interface, only two buttons i-e "Enter Recovery Mode" which puts your i Phone to recovery mode and "Exit Recovery Mode" which takes your i Phone out of recovery mode option.The program requires Lib USB utility whos setup is included in the zip package.

Sexting chat rooms no register - Restore iphone to factory settings without updating

Moreover this utility saves you from learning the 3-4 steps of putting your i Phone into recovery mode manually.

Normally you need to put your i Phone into recovery mode when your want to do a firmware restore.

Just wondering if this is a setting issue, or if there's something I need to do.

For You Tube app, still, videos won't load on i Phone or it will give a If you are unfortunately suffering the nettlesome matter that videos wont play on i Phone 7, i Phone 6 and other i Phone versions and you are eager to figure out a solution to resolving videos not playing on i Phone 6, i Phone 7 and more, the following solutions must be helpful to fix it.

Moreover, don't take for granted all MP4 videos are playable on i Phone.

MP4 is just a container format, whether your video will play normally or not, depends on if its codec and other parameters are supported by i Phone as follows: So if these problems have troubled you for some days, you can convert these videos to the format compatible with i Phone video specs.

For those who don't know, SAM tricks i Tunes to generate legitimate activation packets for your i Phone which in turn fully activates your i Phone without official carrier SIM card.

UPDATE#1: Push Notifications Not Working on i OS 4.3.x After Using SAM?

So there’s a great chance that your video playback problem can be fixed by restarting your i Phone.