The adult industry is the platform being used today that tells our culture it is acceptable to view our sons and daughters as products rather than persons of real value.”up to powerful interests on behalf of everyday New Yorkers.Under his leadership, the Attorney General’s Office Initiative to Combat Sex and Labor Trafficking has implemented a working group to investigate potential cases, prosecute perpetrators, and connect survivors with service providers who specialize in their unique needs.Her work includes writing on topics of well-being and mindfulness and working philanthropically to end gender inequality.

As Chair of Cell-Ed, an organization she co-founded, she In “the life” for over 20 years, Vosiney Wiley entered prostitution at age 16 to pay the family bills while her mother was ill and bedridden.

Along with sexual exploitation came the introduction to heavy drugs. Wiley found support and acceptance at Breaking Free in 1996.

She presides over the innovative and pioneering Queens Human Trafficking Intervention Court, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and which—under the leadership of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman—has served as a model for the creation in 2013 of eleven Trafficking Intervention Courts throughout New “We know that sex trafficking often increases during big games.

Athletes have a special responsibility to educate our teams and fans that buying women and girls for sex doesn't make men cool or powerful.

In addition to commercial work and fine arts pursuits, she works closely with not-for-profit organizations to help further their missions through strategic photography projects.

As the photographer commissioned for the New Abolitionists project, Ms.

After growing up in a home of domestic violence and child sexual abuse, her need to survive forced her to run away from home, which ultimately pushed her into “the life.” She was exploited through strip clubs and escorting services until a sex-buyer tried to kill her. Saylor is now a devoted mother whose life mission is to mentor young girls and women experiencing trauma, while educating the community and fighting for change in the hearts of our society.

“Human trafficking has devastated our society for centuries and the demand for sex fuels its burning fire, which is void of humanity as it swallows up true economic equality and individual self-worth.

He organized the series of records that has earned more than 0 million for the Special Olympics. Shriver formed three organizations (DATA, The ONE campaign and (RED), a marketing initiative) that work for HIV treatment and public health in Africa.