And while we're on the subject, I might as well post the other pictures I found on this message board - it appears that Malkin's a little player (and these girls are sleezy) - shy MY ASS!!

Soon Evgeni signed a contract with the NHL and went to America. However, Malkin and Kondakova reunited in December 2008, when she managed to come to the U. Malkin constantly presented Oksana with expensive gifts.

For example, when her visa period ended, and she had to return home, he bought her an apartment in Moscow.

However, their marriage was short-lived – the husband soon learned about his wife’s betrayal and divorced her. They did not like Oksana and thought she was only interested in his son’s fame and money.

They say it was just because of the love affair with Malkin. Before Kondakova Malkin had relationships with Kristina, an ordinary student from Ufa.

Apparently, Oksana, 24 at the time, was married but was about to get a divorce to get engaged to Malkin before he broke up with her and left for the NHL and Pittsburgh.

It seems like Evgeni and Oksana Kondakova are now back together and dating, as various sightings of the couple together would lead us to believe. He was recognized as the best player of the club and won several trophies, including the Stanley Cup in the season 2008/2009. Evgeni Malkin is one of the most successful Russian hockey players, who made his career overseas, playing in the NHL for “Pittsburgh Penguins”.Evgeni Malkin and Oksana Kondakova Born on February 23, 1984 in Magnitogorsk, Oksana Kondakova grew up the same city, where Evgeni is from.Meanwhile, Russian model Oksana looks like blonde Angelina Jolie. Multi-millionaire Malkin was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the 2012 IIHF World Championship, where he scored 11 goals and made 8 assists, winning the scoring league with a total of 19 points.Evgeni also made two hat tricks: against Sweden in preliminary round and against Finland in semifinal game. Evgeni Malkin’s father was also hockey player, as well as his brother.