Junior is displeased by the unflattering likeness painted by a courtroom artist on a TV news report.During the next day's proceedings, he fixes the artist with an intimidating stare.

intimidating pinball-68

A Sub-Trope is Vindicated by Cable and Vindicated by Reruns; also arguably, as already mentioned, Better on DVD.

Often these works were the victim of an Award Snub.

The Real Life counterpart of It Will Never Catch On.

It can also lead to Follow the Leader, Hype Aversion, Hype Backlash.

Written by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, and directed by Henry J.

Bronchtein, it originally aired on October 13, 2002.

Contrast Deader Than Disco (something that goes from insanely popular to a popular target of mockery), And You Thought It Would Fail (a work that's expected to be a flop instead becomes a smash hit).

Compare Acclaimed Flop, when the work is a critical success but a commercial failure when it comes out.

Meanwhile, Carmela asks Tony to sign some financial papers, among them a life insurance trust.

Tony's accountant advises against the trust since Carmela would be the sole beneficiary and it would cause Tony problems in a potential divorce.

Adriana avoids going out with Chris for dinner with Tony, and later approaches him with an idea to move to California to start a new life there.