They shed the colourful outer parts of their bills after the breeding season, leaving a smaller and duller beak.

Their short wings are adapted for swimming with a flying technique under water.

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Now that tax appeals are settled, and state-backed bonds issued, Guardian said the Chiesa firm had overstayed its welcome.

He noted two more levels of oversight exist — a business administrator, Jason Holt, who now works for the state, and a state monitor in place since 2010.

Gov.-elect Sheila Oliver who will determine the fate of Atlantic City.

By appointing Oliver to head the Department of Community Affairs — New Jersey’s lieutenant governor is required to hold a cabinet post — Gov.-elect Murphy signaled that Atlantic City will be Oliver’s call.

Two species, the tufted puffin and horned puffin, are found in the North Pacific Ocean, while the Atlantic puffin is found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

All puffin species have predominantly black or black and white plumage, a stocky build, and large beaks.

“The first thing we have to do is take a look at what has been going on here, what the Chiesa firm has engaged in, what is on the table,” Oliver said in an interview just before the League of Municipalities’ final luncheon, in a room full of New Jersey VIPs, of which she and Murphy were newly minted.

“We don’t have access nor are we privy to everything that’s going on.

The Fraterculini fossil record in the Pacific extends at least as far back as the middle Miocene, with three fossil species of Cerorhinca, and material tentatively referred to that genus, in the middle Miocene to late Pliocene of southern California and northern Mexico.

Although there no records from the Miocene in the Atlantic, a re-examination of the North Carolina material indicated that the diversity of puffins in the early Pliocene was as great in the Atlantic as it is in the Pacific today.

In the air, they beat their wings rapidly (up to 400 times per minute) The English name "puffin" – puffed in the sense of swollen – was originally applied to the fatty, salted meat of young birds of the unrelated Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus), formerly known as the "Manks puffin".