I was talking about the market and he pulled out his phone and started livecasting the conversation.Send out the URL and people can watch the cast streaming from your phone.Yes, expect the Tiger Woods cam, the UPS driver cam, the Rosie O’Donnell cam, and the CNN cam.

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Chris Pirillo, The Technology Evangelist, New Media expert Robin Good, and Tech juggernaut Leo Laporte livecast their tech shows.

Photo sharing site, Zooomr recently launched their new product over a series of livecasts and also continue to use it as a community relations tool.

Within the last two weeks, officially launched a lifecasting network with four new shows, including the very popular Justine Ezarik (i Justine) and SF hip hop radio station, Wild 94.9, which also represents first sign of potential business applications.

Tech influencers, including Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang have leveraged the technology to livecast from prominent events.

Using MPEG-4 / h.264 technology, Veodia’s high-end video broadcasting service caters to both professional bloggers and business users in search of a simple way of creating and distributing TV-quality video while preserving full control and ownership of their content.

For business, it is ideal for livecasting training sessions, HR and executive announcements, product reviews, marketing events, lectures, conferences, speeches, panels, etc.

Since the last article, continues to blossom into a full-blown media category that is rich with tools, networks, and people looking to share their life on camera with a few friends or the rest of the world.

This post will explore the rapid evolution of the lifecast and the current ecosystem that supports it.

I’ve used Veodia li ve from recent events and it is a close comparison to the functionality of