In the first step, the system makes PO item 4 the successor of the newly added PO item 3 because PO item 4 is the PO item with the next higher operation number.

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If the PO item under consideration is not a direct or indirect successor of the newly added PO item, the PO item is the predecessor for the newly added item.

After the view is re-created, privileges must be re-granted.

And less than a year later the couple welcomed their first baby.

George Soros is not only a famous businessman and philanthropist.

Today Zhu Chen lives in Qatar and represents this country in chess tournaments.

Michelle Yeoh is the Malaysian actress of Chinese origin best known to Western audience as a “Bond girl” in the movie “Tomorrow never Dies”.

In 2001 she married a Qatari grandmaster Mohammed Al-Modiakhi.

They met during one of the chess tournaments in Malaysia and it was love from the first sight.

He is also a well-known “womanizer” constantly changing his romantic interests.