The other works that have him winning awards and nominations.

American Actress Danielle Harris was once a couple with Michael back in 2010, but it ended the same year for both of them without reasons on why they broke up.

The pilot was never green-lighted, but Rosenbaum stood out as a newly discovered talent.

A new MTV pilot was conceived specifically for Rosenbaum with the working title of The Michael Rosenbaum Project.

His mother, Julie who published the book Journey of a Lifetime," has acted in many plays, besides being a writer" and his father, Mark Rosenbaum, used to work as pharmaceutical Michael is one of six children with two brothers.

After his parents' had divorced, his mother remarried a sports reporter, Gordon Engelhardt, and his father remarried Alexis Peregrino.

The film had a cast including Jon Heder and Colin Hanks, however, at least half of the film's budget was lost, therefore the film was scrapped.

On June 17, 2014, Rosenbaum was cast as the lead in the TV Land original sitcom Impastor.

The plot has been summarised as a "low-life who hides out in a small town by conning the residents into thinking he is their newly hired gay pastor".

An American film and TV actor, producer, director, writer, and a comedian, he is recognized for his performance in the movie “Sorority Boys” and for depicting “Lex Luthor” on the Superman television series “Smallville.” A role that included in their 2013 list of The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time and his the latest playing a role as “Dutch Nilbog” in the Fox’s “Breaking In” Michael Rosenbaum, receiving several awards for his acting in numerous shows.

His latest endeavor is one of abnormality, as he plays like a gay pastor in the television series “Impastor” as the lead role and has aired since September 28, 2016.

Michael Rosenbaum may be famous for being a billionaire on screen as Lex Luthor, but the Michael is not quite the billionaire yet, with a large sum of cash from working in the longest running television series in America, “Smallville.” Including other roles and characters, he played such as voice characters in the animated television series “Justice League” playing as Wally West, from the DC Comics.

He filmed the original Sy Fy comedy series Saved By Zeroes; yet was never picked up.