I am of course talking about De Mario, who seemed like a likely candidate to get the second group date rose until his girlfriend showed up.The basketball group date was hosted by NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who, two months before this was taped, wrote a column about how De Mario was the best basketball player — he could even dunk!Shout out to him for openly talking about how therapy helped him.

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Not only did they leave viewers with a serious Fantasy Suite cliffhanger (will Peter be denied the key to the suite or what?

They bonded over their gap teeth, which wasn't great TV but felt like the kind of conversation that people who are falling for each other feel good about having.

Peter has emerged as the early frontrunner, though, as Rachel is clearly into him and he came off really well.

Rachel went and got him, and he did not handle the confrontation well.

At first, he pretended to not even know who she was, and then he called her a psycho, and then he kept changing his story (he didn't have a key to her apartment because he mailed it to her).

Chris Harrison relayed De Mario's message to Rachel, and she was curious to hear what he had to say. Next week we'll get that rose ceremony and see what happens with De Mario.

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) but they are also sending three men into the final round for what may be the first time ever.