To carry out items mentioned above a field experiment for one growing season (2013) was conducted in Sandy soil at the Agricultural Research Field of National Research Center, El-Nobaria, Egypt.

Irrigation water was added in order to compensate for ETc of maize and salt leaching requirement.

On the other hand, several new thiadiazolines, pyrazoles and pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyridazine were synthesized by the reaction of 3-(benzofuran-2-yl)-3-oxopropanenitrile 12 with? Structures of newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis, spectral data, chemical transformation and alternative synthetic route whenever possible.

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Mean age of presentation was 55years with predisposition in males.

Most common microscopic type was mixed cell type( 86%).sclera invasion was in 7.14% extra ocular spread in 4.76% and optic nerve invasion was not found in any case.

The results showed that the used system in classification dates is more efficient, precise, fast and low cost.

The aims of this research work were to study the effect of two bubbler irrigation drippers discharges (BIDD) were: a) 8 LPH and b) 12 LPH, and different water amounts treatments from evapotranspiration (ET): 100 %, 75 %, 50 % on maize (Zea mays-L, HF-10 Varity) vegetative growth, grain and Biomass yield.

These results due to the treatments of 100 % ET and 75 % ET were covered water requirements and also recorded convergent results in values which means that the amount of water added, which is the difference between the 100 - 75% = 25% ET, it amounts in excess of the plant required under the current conditions of the experiment.

So it can be recommend to using 75% for saving 25% from water requirements under bubbler irrigation system using 8LPH treatment.The beauty of the Indian constitution is that it is in simplest of the words, but of widest in meaning.The fundamental freedoms enshrined under the Indian constitution paved the way for the spreading of Dalit Literature.Field experiments were conducted on cotton Giza 85 varieties (Gossypium hirsutum L.) grown on clay loam soil to study the effect of irrigation intervals (3,6,9 days) and plow types: Chisel one pass (A), Chisel two passes(B), and mouldboard one pass(C) on both seed and lint yield and water use efficiency for seed(WUE)s and for lint (WUE)l during two successive grown seasons 2011/2012;2012/2013.Cotton seed were planted on March 15th in split plot design with three replicates.Data on hand could be summarized as follow: The effect of different discharges of BIDD on bubbler irrigation system efficiencies, overall bubbler irrigation efficiencies, andeffective bubbler irrigation efficiencies, Data could be ranked in the following descending orders: 8 LPH 12 LBH and based on these results, with decreasing of bubbler drippers discharge will be increasing and give the greater all efficiencies and vice versa.