Got some good news, though..week I signed a contract to have my YA novel published. Here's a list of their strengths and weaknesses (from Personality Page and Mass Match): As far as PROs, the ESTJ is outgoing and influential.I've found that spending time with Wendy is great for inspiring ideas and creativity.

However, with their warm hearts and caring nature they just might sneak up on you.

Perhaps even more than other introverted types may find it difficult to put themselves forward.

While an extraordinary surplus of selective qualities such as physical attractiveness, power, wealth, and fame can compensate (JFK Jr is said to have been an INFP), the discouraging reality is the INFP personality does not attract women and, worse, is off-putting.

An INFP woman is relatively better off because a woman can cross the first barrier to love by being noticed and receptive to romantic pursuit.

An INFP man, on the other hand, is required like all men to extrovertedly and aggressively pursue a woman's acceptance by actively qualifying himself to her.

There, the INFP dilemma is worse than superficial disattraction; the INFP personality is also the least intrinsically capable of practicing the "seductive arts".

She's very adaptable and not afraid to dive into problems or activities.

I can be rather rigid and structured, so I often appreciate seeing things from her dynamic perspective.

When a woman tentatively agrees to a test run on a relationship with a smitten INFP man and induces him to open his inner self to her, he is in danger of making her uneasy (or view him as "intimidating").