Contents: Before installing a camera monitoring system for elderly, you may have the concern whether you have the right to do so.

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Thanks to its function of two-way talk, it is also an ideal security camera for elderly companion.

You are free to speak and listen to your elderly parents anytime and anywhere, expressing your deep concern.

You can easily log into the free Reolink App on your smartphone and check the quality of caregivers’ job. The setup can be completed in just several minutes — an optimal option as a security camera for technically challenged parents.

You can also listen to and talk with your loved parents via the two-way audio function of this smart elderly security camera.

Never act on your own without obtaining their consent.

Besides, you must make sure your home security camera is secure, in avoidance of leaking any private information.

No need to worry that your seniors may have difficulty in using.

Reolink Keen is truly an easy-to-use camera for elderly with its plug and play feature.

If you want a plugged-in version of elderly security cameras, Reolink C1 Pro is a perfect option for elderly with its rich features.