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I look all around the program files directory to see if there were any extra log files and i couldn’t find anything I did some searching and came across this article https://knowledge.mcafee.com/article/299/5170943_f.

SAL_It talks about troubleshooting the auto-update. What helped was this 20080325095031 I #1676 Updater On Demand update started.20080325095036 I #808 Frm Svc User SID is S-1-5-18 and Session ID is 020080325095037 I #3980 Script Searching for first available site.20080325095039 I #3980 Inet Mgr Sitelist validation failed because it is missing SPIPE site information.20080325095039 I #3980 Inet Mgr Retaining the existing sitemaplist.20080325095039 i #3980 Script Unable to find a valid repository.20080325095039 i #808 Script Closing the update session.

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