I’m just being dramatic here, really, so I can relate to all the poor women who’ve had to put up with the knee buckling stare.

Men who stare at women and the way they think So why do men stare at women really? However much it pisses off a woman, men stare at women and will continue to do so.

What’s the real reason behind why men stare at women?

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Apparently, he was doing ‘the stare’ thing with her! But then, she tells me it doesn’t matter how good the guy is, if it’s ‘the stare’ that he’s using, that’s just creepy and annoying. I had to enlighten all women about ‘the stare’ and about men who stare at women.

To me, men who stare at women constantly sounded hilarious. To blow the dust off the surface, ‘the stare’ isn’t just an ‘I’m-so-shy-I’d-wet-my-pants-if-I-looked-twice’ kind of thing from a guy.

The big men say this to cover up their own shortcomings with women.

The smaller boys use this as an excuse to squirm out of making a move on a girl.

[Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger? But these men take these little innocent glances as a sign of triumph.

They think they’re on stage two of hooking up, now that they’re past the ‘stare, watch, and wait for reciprocation’ stage, and they try giving women that creepy smile along with ‘the stare’.

And it just gets worse, as he gets closer to starting a conversation with a woman.

Most men hate that feeling of getting spurned by a woman, and they definitely hate that drumbeat that’s their heart as they approach women. It’s the next best alternative for a loser of a guy who’s so sure he’d be spurned if he’d ever make a move.

Now that’s the guy who has ‘the stare’ in his eyes.