While he oversaw the release of Aung San Suu Kyi during the late 1990s, he also oversaw her return to detention in 2003.

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Although the main opposition party, National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi, which won the multi-party democracy general election in 1990, did not participate, the chairman of National Convention Lieutenant General Thein Sein announced that the creation of the "Constitution" had been accomplished.

Than Shwe has continued the suppression of the free press in Burma, and has overseen the detention of journalists who oppose his regime.

He was transferred back to Operations Planning Department within the Office of Chief of Staff (ARMY) as a General Staff Officer (G1) on 4 August 1975. He then became a deputy commander of the 88th LID Light Infantry Division on .

Than Shwe became commanding officer of the 88th LID on 29 March 1980.

On 18 December 1963, he was transferred to Central Political College as an instructor.

He was posted to 101 Light Infantry Battalion as a temporary company commander for battalion headquarter unit.He was involved in various military operations carried out by the 77th LID in Karen State, Irrawaddy Delta region and Bago Hills.He was transferred to Operations Planning Department within the Office of Chief of Staff (ARMY) as a General Staff Officer (G2) on 16 December 1969. 1 Infantry Battalion on 23 August 1971 and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel on 7 September 1972. 1 Infantry Battalion, he was involved in offensive operations against various insurgents carried out by the 88th (LID) Light Infantry Division in Bhamo region, northern Shan State, southern Shan State, and eastern Shan State.He was promoted to platoon commander with the rank of lieutenant on 11 July 1955 and to company commander with the rank of captain on 21 February 1957 in the same battalion.He was involved in military operation carried out by No.In May and November 2006 he met with the United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari in the newly built capital of Naypyidaw, which had replaced Yangon in the previous year, and permitted Gambari to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi.