Because the transaction and delivery of content is handled by the clip sites, it’s also a service where you don’t have to be online and performing in order to make money. These sites have large customer-bases and get tons of traffic.This helps generate sales for you and your content. It’s never been easier to get started as an online performer in the adult industry.

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Many of these sites will also allow you to sell additional services outside of just content.

It’s also possible to sell your content from your own website. More Information: Make Money Producing and Selling Porn Sites Hiring Models: Sites For Selling Adult Clips and Galleries Premium subscription is another popular service.

With live webcam shows, the earnings are either per-minute for privates or various ways in public shows.

Earning Potential: The “1%” of performers are quite literally the “1%”.

You get as much out of the industry as you put into it.

Some performers are really successful, and for others, the industry isn’t for them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re female, male or transgender. There are some sites that have restrictions, however. Couples and groups can also make money performing together as well.Some networks also offer spy shows, group shows and other show types.More Information: Become An Adult Webcam Performer Sites Hiring Models: Sites Hiring Webcam Models Producing and selling content is another major service.This is a very complicated question with a very complicated answer. Everything is performance-based, so there’s no guaranteed income. It’s also important to realize that offering different services generates revenue in very different ways.For example; clips generate money by getting sales and can generate income even while offline.Earning a couple thousand monthly is reasonable and there’s a lot of models earning 5-figures monthly.