They can suffer more from these problems when they have trouble adjusting.

Hormonal changes have huge effects on the general growth and mood of the teens.

Most youths' ability to develop positive self-esteem is affected by family life and parental criticism.

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When they do not like something in themselves, they have self-esteem and body image problems.

They also perceive others, particularly schoolmates, to view them as they view themselves.

Puberty changes tempt teenagers to compare themselves with people around them and when they find they do not match their standards, they feel low.

They also compare themselves with those seen on TV, in movies, and in the magazines.

Bullying Bullying is one of the worst teenage problems and affects millions of youths.

Bullying causes fear in the minds of kids, and makes them nervous going to school each day.This edition features a brand-new, comprehensive primary source program in-text and online, expanded chapters devoted to the lives of ordinary people that make the past real and relevant, and the best and latest scholarship throughout.Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; between 13 and 19-years-old.The most common problems that teenagers face today include: Self-Esteem and Body Image Stress Bullying Depression Cyber Addiction Drinking and Smoking Teen Pregnancy Underage Sex Child Abuse Peer-Pressure and Competition Eating Disorders Surprisingly, all of these problems are connected to one another, like a chain reaction.When the teens face self-esteem and body image problems, they can become frustrated, resulting in eating disorders.Teens feel overwhelmed when faced with unprecedented stresses concerning school and college, and career confusion situations.