“I was torn between telling myself that this is totally normal and just…oh my God! ” We may think we’ve come a long way from the days of masturbation shaming (just think of the old myths that desperate parents have parroted over the years to get kids to stop touching themselves: blindness, curved spines, hairy palms!Even if their reaction was to silently back out of a room or never discuss it at all, that can still speak volumes: Kids need to hear that it’s OK to explore their own bodies.“Fortunately, she got it pretty quickly,” she says.

“At this young age, masturbation isn’t a sexual thing,” says Goldenberg.

“Some parents fear it’s a sign that their kid has been exposed to sexual content or even assaulted, but it’s really important to remember that it’s a comforting, soothing, feel-good sensation. You’re allowed to touch and explore your body.” For Taylor, her chat with Sophie happened that evening after a hissed conversation with her husband.

Taylor’s daughter is now nine and still masturbates at bedtime—it’s her go-to way to relax and fall asleep. You just know it’s not a thing to do at sleepovers, right?

Taylor knows this because they still keep the conversation going. ” Taylor recently asked, waving a hand around and raising an eyebrow. ” (The idea of her daughter being busted by a gaggle of tween girls makes her cringe.) Sophie’s response: “Mommm, I know.” 2.

’ Speak with empathy, not shame.” Explain that there are just some things we do privately, and this is one of them.

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