I like both, but GIT is definitely much more elegant and classic. Those who thinks GIT is "very" sharp/harsh you probably got a fake one. Extraordinary quality ingredients, very very long lasting (24h ), the sillage is powerful (maybe a tad less powerful than Aventus sillage if i had to compare 2 popular Creed fragrances).

Many also swear that this is similar to Davidoffs Cool Water.

I always thought there were many differences, but they do share something in common.

It will be interesting to see how this one adapts in the cold. I'm not going to blindly follow others tunnel-visioned praise. در بطن و بيس كار حالت پودري يكم قويتر ميشه و نتهاي سبز و سيتروسي فروكش ميكنن و امبركريس و چوب صندل هم با اينكه زياد قابل استشمام نيستن حكم پايه و تثبيت كننده ي نتهاي گفته شدرو دارن❤️ اين عطر اولين عطر نيش من هست و استارت ورود من به دنياي عطربازي I may be in the minority here, but I don’t like this scent.

To me it opens way too harsh & the dry down is just ok. I’ll wear Aventus & Silver Mountain Water all day though.

Perfect for work and casual day-time wear, but I wear this on nights out as well. I can spray this on before work at the 7am, and it will be there until at least 4 pm guaranteed.

Projects very well for at least 4 hours so expect compliments.

And what may have been a revelation of a scent back in the 80's, it's nothing special in the present. I had this on one night going out to movies with the wife and the girl behind the register in the next line said oh my God you smell great what is that! Top is fresh, grassy, earthy, peppery, woody, masculine. My first cologne from Creed house was Aventus, and I did not get any quality as I expect based on it reviewers. It has a great quality and very pleasant scent character but i tell you what, and this is coming from someone who loves Creed, Armaf Tres Nuit did an absolutely blinding job replicating this scent character!

I know I'll catch some flak from the fanboys out there, but all the pretentious nonsense notwithstanding, GIT should be renamed "MEH." Don't believe me? Her approach wasn’t the best but the point is the complement. It lasts and even though it has been around since 1985 it is still a killer fragrance. GIT is my second; on my skin GIT smell better than Aventus and I get 12 hour performance. I would go as far as saying it is the best like for like clone on the market, smelling at least 95% similar.

It’s hard to pin-down, but there is something so wonderfully gentleman and polished about this.