Still another poll found that 86 percent of respondents believed a robot would be able to satisfy their sexual desires, suggesting potential for the market to grow as attitudes toward sex robots evolve.

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Still, it asserts much of sexual societies already feed off of that sort of objectification, and goes on to suggest sex robots could ultimately serve more to reinforce existing mindsets than to create new ones.

There's not a lot of research here, though, especially with regard to under-represented communities.

This, coupled with the fact that bordellos of inanimate sex dolls are already on the rise in Asia, leads the authors of the report to conclude that sex robot brothels might be a logical next step.

The report points out that there's no question creating humanoid sex robots based on pornographic representations of female anatomy objectifies women.

In addition to questioning the legality of such dolls (specifically those that depict children), the report's authors express skepticism about the proposed benefits, and even question whether they could actually encourage harmful behavior.

A useful illusion, no question about it, one that allows us to live without being paralyzed by self-consciousness.The authors of the report and the scholars they cite are fairly unified in the belief that the advent of sex robots could lead to greater social isolation.One big factor: Sex robots are easy to have sex with, and people who use them could be put off by the additional communication and social interaction that goes into a traditional sexual experience.The illusive quality of privacy is a recurring theme of literature going back to the Hebrew Bible.Consider beautiful Bathsheba, who strips for a bath in the second Book of Samuel, an ancient text, only to come under the lustful gaze of King David, pacing on his palace rooftop.They also express concern that sex robots could desensitize users to intimacy and empathy.