All bikers have at least a million photos of motorcycles, rides and rallies on their computers.

Why leave them tucked away in folders he’ll never see?

Fix the problem by buying him a polished metal dish, or old-school hook just for his bike key. Before you give up and just order him another Harley t-shirt instead, try this.

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That means no more turning over the whole house, and rummaging through the pockets of all his jeans every morning when he’s already running late! For example, is he interested in: Motorcycle helmets, gloves, jackets and pants make very, very cool gifts. A motorcycle rider is the only one who knows the size, make, color and style of gear he prefers.

But if you get a voucher at the best motorcycle gear store in town, he can get exactly what he wants.

In fact, these make such cool gifts, you can even feature them in the house without turning it into a redneck shack.

Try Googling: “tin sign” and your biker’s favorite motorcycle, and see what you can find.

There are many kinds of metal signs out there that celebrate motorcycle culture.

They’re often made of tin, so will stand up well in the garage.

Retro tins are practical, yet cool additions to his garage that will make his life simpler.

You can find them on e Bay, or dig around in your local junk shops.

Here’s one I had made specially for Pat at when he got his new Indian. If his wallet’s looking a little tatty, get him a new one featuring the logo of his favorite bike.