We’ve talked about dating a bit on this site — how to squeeze dating into your busy schedule, how to date someone who’s extremely busy, and how to date someone who is far less busy than you. ) since we talked about the actual mechanics of dating, and I thought now might be a great time to do it.

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I’ve also written before about my favorite dating books, but if anyone has any other favorites, please shout ’em out in today’s comments!

) Has anyone had any luck with specialized dating sites, such as Right Stuff Dating or Good Genes (for grads of top schools)? As luck would have it I met my husband at a friend’s party at a bar (IRL! ) but I don’t regret my time on any of those dating sites, since I really felt like dating that much helped me recognize something great when I finally had it.

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To the other concern that you raised: each dating site is, or tries to be, different in its own way.

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