These include the DVR capabilities, and support for files such as MPEG-1. Each unit is capable of playing MPEG-2/VOB videos with Dolby 5.1 Sound (AC3) sound and H.264 videos with AAC sound, however separate plugins must be purchased to unlock these capabilities.

The 604 Wi Fi has been criticized for its somewhat slow web-browser and lower screen quality in comparison to the 604.

In order to comply with the GNU/Linux license (the GPL), the source code for some of the firmware in the 4th Generation players has been released.

The touchscreen required the screen to have a matte finish and the Wi-Fi module adds an extra stub to the unit's side. The 604 Wi Fi uses the 802.11g Wi-Fi connection and features the Opera 8.5 web browser. The surfing experience on the ARCHOS 604 Wi Fi is further enhanced by Opera's Medium Screen Rendering (MSR) technology to change the page to suit the 4.3 inch screen.

The Wi-Fi capabilities also lets the device act as a file server and connecting the device to a home network to transfer files or play content directly from the network.

The screen is glossy unlike the 604 Wi Fi and the 404, which have semi-matte finishes.

The 604 family uses the Texas Instruments Da Vinci DM644x processor.

The 404 Camcorder has received positive reviews for its wide range of features and low price, however the unit has also been criticised for a low quality image for still shots, comparable to a cell phone.

The 604 is the flagship model, and the main successor to the AV500.

The latter is the effect of adding the touchscreen which required the screen to be matte rather than glossy.

The 504 has received some issues with static electricity problems.

The DVR Station and DVR Travel Adapter are not included with the units and must be purchased separately.