The best advice I ever got as a fighter is the same advice I like to give: Make sure you’re in shape for a fight.

"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz is a duo of mixed martial arts fights that took place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion.

Join us now for a laugh and a cry as we reflect on "This Week in Struggle." The struggle is best paired with Tom Waits. Everyone else in 1st class is showing up dressed all nice and I show up looking like I just finished a yoga class!!

I can see the conversation now, random passenger: (coughs) "ummm what do you do for a living?

That was my walk-around weight when I was fighting.

Taxes and ­expenses—I have an accountant for all that. • Check out every Where Are They Now story in one place I’m walking around at 230 pounds now.

Both fights have ended in a knockout in the UFC Light Heavyweight Division.

At the first meeting at UFC 47, Liddell won by knockout at seconds in the second round.

The win, along with his exposure on the show and the UFC's growing popularity, garnered Liddell much media attention and fame.

He would go on to become a household name throughout 20 with notable title defenses over Jeremy Horn, Randy Couture, and Renato Sobral.

I used to do the books when I had my own gym in San Luis ­Obispo [Calif.], but I don’t have that anymore.