We are familiar with the cultural, doctrinal, historical and religious context of Leviticus , as apparently, you are not. Personally, i dont think that homosexuality is good and pure, i fully believe that a relationship should be between a man and a woman.For your edification, I encourage you to read and study instead of simply reading a verse and assuming that the first thought that pops into your mind about it is correct. but, though God specifically says this isnt a good thing, He does give us the right to choose what we will do, right or wrong, and we will have consequences to those choices.

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Now is my job as God's child to break my daughters from this chain of sin that my ancestors passed on to us through generations and start a generation of trust, faith and love in God.

To know that loving others and respecting others is what would help you reach perfection to God's eyes!

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But those that become gay for many circumstances and don't know how to deal, reach for help through prayer or other methods become trapt and another cycle of chain generation began. You see there is so much behind them that you can't imagine how hard it is for them when all those emotions of hate need of love understanding and many other feelings crush them and they some times don't realize or just decided to block them which is even worst.

For instance my sister, was raped for great part of her life no one knew apparently, became pregnant at a young age. I don't talk just from the mouth but from the heart when I, myself was molested by many members of my family and some how God gave me the strength to keep my self up.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are sexual orientations, not sins or sinful conditions.

All homosexuals and all heterosexuals are sinners from birth because we all are born with a sin nature, Romans , .

The constitution grants us the freedoms of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so long as it doesnt hurt another person.

so, should the law of our country, which was based on God's moral law, defend marriage as between a man and a woman or, should it account for the freedom of pursuit of happiness, and the freedom God gives us, and allow people to make that choice? But I cannot agree with your belief that the sin you struggle with isn't wrong.

That doesn't mean God doesn't love the men; we are ALL sinners; we just each pick a different sin.