When the development mode is enabled, certain built-in tools, which facilitate the development of CDI applications, are available.

Setting this attribute to true activates the development mode. The non-portable mode is suggested by the specification to overcome problems with legacy applications that do not use CDI SPI properly and may be rejected by more strict validation in CDI 1.1.

This allows you to verify your application is behaving correctly.

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In this document, configuration items are presented using dotted notation, and are suitable for use as Java property names, which your application consumes through explicit setting in the Maven plugin configuration, or through the command line when executing your application.

Even hough setting properties using the Maven plugin is not recommended, it is useful for temporarily changing a configuration item for a single launch of your application.

Every application built with Wild Fly Swarm has a many configurable options.

In all cases, reasonable defaults are already applied, therefore you do not have to change any options unless you explicitly want to.

The idle-timeout-minutes elements specifies the maximum time, in minutes, a connection may be idle before being closed.

The actual maximum time depends also on the Idle Remover scan time, which is half of the smallest idle-timeout-minutes value of any pool.

You can customize an environment-specific setting or experiment with configuration items before committing them to YAML.

YAML is the preferred method for long-term configuration of your application.

The background-validation-millis element specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that background validation will run.