However, for the newbies, this is a legendary home made video of Chetna and Prithvi allegedly students of Malnad Engineering College.Versions differ on who they are and what happened to them after this video hit the net.

Chat room talk with aunties-84

For the next ten minutes, we talked about mundane stuff as Shaheen alternated between feeding me a mouthful, and then feeding herself. "I have to go and take care of some hospital stuff on the laptop upstairs. My hand went around her bare waist, encircling her and resting on her bare skin. " Taiba pouted as she took some food into her plate. Shaheen was cleaning up in the kitchen after the meal, so I offered to help her. "Surely after spending all of lunch on my lap hugging and kissing me, you suddenly are not shy of cuddling with your Taibee now, are you? no, s, had always been very friendly to me, and on occasions like birthdays and festivals instead of giving a short innocent peck on the cheek, I have deliberately kissed her for a few seconds longer. I would never kiss Shaheen after every mouthful, but with Taibee I felt free to kiss her.

I remained seated on her lap, eating from her hands. " She answered the phone and spoke a few words, and then with her left hand she patted my bum. Shaheen went to wash her hands and then went upstairs. Shaheen smiled and once again patted me on my butt, and told me to go give Taiba some company. Sometimes when we both had been sitting, perhaps on the sofa watching a movie, I have at times placed my hand on her thighs as if to help myself stand up, or deliberately kept touching her bare arm or hand for a few seconds longer than required.

She has been the most excited that you are visiting." Shaheen blushed. It's not every day our favourite nephew pays us a visit." I suddenly felt a lot of love for these ladies who were taking time out from their own families to make my visit special.

Shaheen placed a hand on my bum to guide me to her lap.

I had placed myself to her left so that she could feed me with her right hand. " Shaheen smiled and blew me a kiss, and then nodded to Taiba. " I wrapped both arms around her bounteous waist, pulled her close to me, and pressed my lips on to her succulent, fleshy, rosy cheeks and gave her a wet, hungry kiss. After every two or three mouthfuls, Taiba would let me lick her fingers clean before she started again. After I hung up, I turned to find Taiba standing next to me. She was looking to have a longer conversation with me.

Taiba took a plate, and filled it with food, and gave it back to Shaheen. By the time the plate was done, I had kissed her a few dozen times and I was sporting a huge bulge between my legs. Probably wanted to complain to me about her husband and mother-in-law.

"The food is delicious, ." Suddenly Shaheen's cell phone, which was placed in front of us on the table, started to ring. I often pinch her bum, something I have not really done to my other aunts with the same frequency.

In my mind, I imagined to myself that I am sure she must have noticed and secretly accepted my special attention, though in reality I knew to her it was probably just harmless flirting from a young nephew. I didn't want to misread her innocent, playful signals and do something stupid that would ruin our relationship for ever. That phrase spoken by Shaheen to Taiba earlier in the kitchen came floating back to my mind. "Do u need a blanket, generate a lot of heat, with all that mass." I teased her.

Taiba then herself took a plate, filled it up and sat down beside us, to my left, to eat. I badly wanted to stroke her, caress her, or even go down and touch her butt, but I fought and restrained myself. It was finally a relief when lunch was done, otherwise I was afraid my boner was going to get noticed. I decided to get a little naughty, and put him on the speakerphone. I was the only young one in the family that often gave her a sympathetic year and a shoulder to cry on.

Shaheen gathered some food with her fingers, and made a small (a small ball of rice, chicken and spinach), and then brought it up to my mouth. I closed my mouth, feeling her fingers against my lips as she withdrew my hands. My aunt and I were thus eating from the same plate. So go sit on her lap." This time I sat down on Taiba's fat thighs, carefully sitting on her lap so she also could feed me with her right hand. "I am enjoying spending some time alone with your wife." Shaheen grinned at me. In return, she often turned a blind eye to my indiscretions and lecherous behaviour.

Seeing me hesitate, she herself took my hand and placed it on her stomach. "Don't ever start to feel shy with me, Nazu." She told me, as my finger rested on her navel.