) you can try something a little more kitschy like Barcade, although there is the concern that your date will get more into the video games then he’s into you… So you can go for a drink and then if things go well order some apps to share.

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You have to enter through an art gallery on Chrystie street, then walk to the back to find a vintage style bar through a hidden door.

The plus side is that you get an art gallery and cocktail bar date all in one, the downside is that it might be kinda awk if you can’t figure out how to get in. The Refinery Rooftop is quiet enough to hear your date, but busy enough so that it’s not an awkward silence if you have nothing to talk about.

Miss Lilly’s has the perfect balance of loud enough, but not too loud to hear your date.

It’s also super casual, but has music and dancing in case things go well and you wanna show off your moves.

It can get a little loud in there, but that just gives you an excuse to get closer to your date.

If your date is a catfish, they’re also known to have sexy bartenders.

But pushing these bad boys out for good is a difficult challenge, especially when you’re hopelessly The Reddit men are back at it again.

This time, they tell us how they lo OOOooo Ove their baes but also name which annoying habits they hate the most.

If you hate making decisions like I do, this task may seem daunting.

But wouldn’t you rather spend a little time picking a place rather than going to a dive bar or an art museum where every other piece is a naked chick?

Plus, depending on the place you pick, you might even be able to tell how serious the dude is about you, depending on his response.