Water also penetrates through the ground until it reaches hard rock and accumulates there as underground wate(, mey tehom).We can obtain this water through natural springs (, ma'ayan) or through wells (, be'er).

Until the amount of fresh water in Israel matches or is above the amount of water consumption, the Israeli public and industry are encouraged to save water.

Translation: water Transliteration: mayim Part of speech: Noun, Masculine, Plural Translation: precipitation Transliteration: mishka'im Part of speech: Noun, Masculine, Plural Translation: desalination, desalinization Transliteration: hatpala Part of speech: Noun, Feminine Translation: irrigation Transliteration: hashkaya Part of speech: Noun, Feminine Literal Meaning: drought Transliteration: batzoret Part of speech: Noun, Feminine Translation: No water – no life Transliteration: Bli mayim ein chayim Translation: Water – the source of life Transliteration: Mayim – mekor hachayim Hebrew Names Related to Water Kineret - A modern girl's name, meaning the Sea of Galilee Tal – A modern name for both boys and girls, meaning "dew." Shira Cohen-Regev has a Masters Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Child Development and Social Work.

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They're based on the study of healthy, happy couples and our changing gender roles.• Water desalination (, hatpalat mayim) – several processes remove excess salt and other minerals from sea water, and transfer it into drinkable fresh water.The current and future desalination plants in Israel are planned to produce 300 million cubic meters of water by the year 2012.We need water for fun and pleasure, for survival, for life.Water has always been a high priority in Judaism and in Israel.In other words, the water exploitation is higher than the regeneration of water.