Test Callback - - post Load(Test Entity) - start ,407 INFO [STDOUT] 153835 DEBUG entities.

entitymanager merge not updating database-71

I'm using a Seam 2.2-managed persistence context on JBoss 5.1 with Postgre SQL 9.1 on the backend. Does this have something to do with the way Seam manages transactions? Test Action - - run Test() - start ,312 INFO [STDOUT] 29740 DEBUG entities.

I have the following entity declared: The remaining callbacks do not get executed as expected. Test Callback - - pre Persist(Test Entity) - start ,312 INFO [STDOUT] 29740 DEBUG entities.

Test Action - - run Test3() - end Please take a look at my answer, I've updated it. And, if you let me to make one small remark: next time you update your answer post a comment on the answer, who's owner seems interested in your problem. I inject my entitymanager with the standard @In Entity Manager entity Manager; declaration.

I'm saying this, because I didn't get any notification from SO that you've updated your question (I've checked manually! My test class is a Seam component with @ Name("test Action").

IBM Web Sphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.5.

The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.5 with the most recent fix at the top.

Again your would help ;) thanks for the bounty Entity Manager Factory emf = ... By the way, you didn't exactly share your Hibernate version with us, but it could matter a lot! The only issue is that some of my entity callback methods are not being called as expected.

Entity Manager em = emf.create Entity Manager(); Entity Transaction tx = Transaction(); // persisting new item Test b = new Test(); = 2; = 'b'; tx.begin(); em.persist(b); tx.commit(); // update existing item = 'a'; tx.begin(); em.merge(b); tx.commit(); // load existing Test a = em.find(Test.class, 1); // remove existing tx.begin(); em.remove(b); tx.commit(); em.close(); emf.close(); I've tried to boot up a simple JBoss/Seam test application for myself to run a test, however I don't get Seam … Anyway, I took a look at your examples and here's what I think your problem is. I do, however, see the changes reflected in the database when my code stops running. I'll make a couple of changes based on your recommendations and see what happens. If yes it would be helpful if you could post those too or your whole config altogether (too, if you have some magic there, that is). I just don't see all of the listener methods being called, which is why I'm so [email protected] If you can post a full example (with Seam configuration and stuff, maybe in a ZIP or something) I can try and take a look at it.

So this post is like an index of all the posts for hibernate tutorials and examples.

You can go through these hibernate tutorials in sequence to learn hibernate from scratch.

Test Action - - run Test2() - start ,982 INFO [STDOUT] 70410 DEBUG entities.