Raised in a village near Rotherham, by a former coal miner who had taken over the local garage, he first worked as an apprentice mechanic for his father, before taking up motor racing in his early 20s.

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‘But he looked at the probability of making it as a Formula 1 driver, and took a pragmatic decision to go into the City.’However, quite where this investment money comes from, or how Eden Rock operates, is almost impossible to unpick.

The firm has an office in Bermuda and runs a network of overseas subsidiaries, many of them in secretive tax havens.

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One subsidiary, Solid Rock Management, is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Another source of its revenues is a firm it provides ‘management services’ to in the Cayman Islands.

It noted: ‘There’s a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, a jukebox in the kitchen, a full-size snooker table in the converted garage, a self-contained flat adjoining their luxury split-level home, and a spectacular view of a private lake from every picture window of their South Yorkshire village home.’David was left in charge of the new firm, moving his family to Caunton Manor, an 18th-century country home near Grantham with 30 acres of grounds, historic glass houses, a trout pond and an indoor swimming pool which, at the flick of a switch, converted into a dance floor.

Fancying a new challenge, at the age of 52, David moved in with his wife and eight-year-old Spencer (the other children were already pursuing careers in Europe) and devoted his energy and money to restoring it to its former splendour.‘When there is nothing much to do in the afternoon he sets sail in his motor launch and goes fishing for tuna, with a decent bottle of Chardonnay in the cool box,’ is how an interviewer described David’s existence in St Barths after the hotel reopened.

While Pippa might be delighted at the prospect of such domesticity, four neighbours have complained.