The talent can’t move around that convention without three security guards protecting them from what is essentially a mob.

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It is as though we want to be outraged by their success because it is such a departure from what we are accustomed to.

We do not begrudge Jennifer Lawrence her $10 million per film, but the thought that an ‘unknown’ internet personality could be earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year seems to rankle.

Ask a 14-year-old girl who her favourite celebrity is and you may get a surprising answer.

More than likely it will not be Katy Perry, Emma Watson or even Harry Styles, but a 24-year-old from Brighton called Zoe.

They are all now the best of friends, regularly appearing in each other’s videos.

‘A lot of people don’t understand what we do, and why would they? ‘So when you meet someone who does this job too, you immediately have that connection.’ Covering beauty, fashion, relationship advice, skits and general musings on life as a twentysomething, they cater to millions of viewers who await each new upload with the same eagerness you would expect from a devoted One Direction fan queueing for concert tickets. ‘We have just done a convention in America called Vidcon [an annual meeting of people interested in online video]. ‘This year there were 20,000 tickets, last year there were 10,000 and the year before there were 4,000.While being asked for a picture in the street can be exciting, followers turning up at your house expecting a chat is a little daunting.‘They feel much closer to the talent than they would to someone like Katy Perry,’ Smales says.It allows me to have every hour in the day to put into making You Tube videos, which is exactly what I want.I’m having so much fun.’ Smales and his vloggers turn down potentially lucrative deals in favour of the bigger picture.But he insists that it is not about making a fast buck and that his team works closely with each artist and only on collaborations that make strategic sense.