Tom had a great laugh and turned out to be a great story teller.

When can I have the pleasure of filling you up again? But this time you sleep in the wet spot," laughing.

She snuggled up closer to me and said, "Not that you need them but those blue pills are a lot cheaper this side of the border." I feigned surprise that I used Viagra, but followed up but "Tell me what it takes to get a prescription, just in case I am interested." She said "We'll go to the doctor and then go to the drug store and get the pills. Like in America." I said "Any doctor is going to take one look at you, then look at me and tell me that there must be something really very wrong if I need these pills." She laughed and said, "We'll tell him they're just in case I'm horny and you're passed out drunk." Catherine looked around to see if anyone was close enough to hear and then whispered "I can't remember how many times I came when we were together.

But I only need to be in LA for a couple of days each trip. When I set my phone down, I looked around my empty house and said out loud, "Why should I stay here? Gloria I had to put on hold because Cynthia's virgin pussy was quite the attraction to my young middle aged cock. I'm a little like George Clooney; if you didn't see the movie 'Up in the Air,' you should. Plus a stack of magazines that had piled up and a few issues of the WSJ.

But as I took inventory so to speak, Akiko was in Japan; Lisa was in the Midwest; Monica was in Mexico; the other ladies, Marie, Carmen and Sonia were in Las Vegas working. It's a wonder my dick was still functional because as much as I loved my late wife we didn't have this amount of sex as far back as I can remember. The airline I was flying didn't serve the champagne I liked so I settled for Bud Light. Since I started my business, I've always flown first class. I also will only fly an airline when I get to choose the seat I am paying for. That megawatt smile was beaming at me and she was jumping with excitement when she saw me at the top of escalator.

I answered: I'll fly in tomorrow and will send you flight details after I buy a ticket. I texted: I won't get a return ticket, we can play it by ear.

I have some business stuff going on so I will have to shuttle back and forth starting sometime next week. Since I spent two nights with Catherine I had also slept with Cynthia, Dana and Julie.

Her folks, Tom and Isabella, were friendly and Catherine's daughters, Marie the oldest, and Natalie, the younger one, remembered me from my visits to their fourth grade classroom. He had a friendly way about him, a warm handshake and nice smile.

They all told me that they were sorry to hear the news of the accident. You know that this is a stand up guy when you meet him.

After I met Lisa, and while I was casually dating her, I seduced Akiko, the lady who owned a local dry cleaners.

I invited her over for a massage (I Rub an Asian MILF the Right Way).

On Sunday and Monday in Las Vegas (Fun in Las Vegas with My MILFs) I had sex with Dana and Sandy (a hotel food and beverage employee). I made a lot of money that day and a friend of my late wife re-entered my life (I'm Ambushed by a Very Hot MILF).