Ch1 - Capture It was a beautiful morning that presented to Ria no reason for staying in the blues and every reason for dancing with gay (happy : D ) abandon along with the chirping birds hidden in the trees, tiptoeing down the road towards her college and doing an occasional ballet twirl. Her mind was cluttered with the names of various historical warriors and equally numerous battles which had resulted in much bloodshed and not so much peace.

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) rested his hands on his knees and panted heavily before swearing once more and muttering a string of curses on the 'fucking retarded door' and its 'equally retarded asshole creator who should have had his face stuffed up a cow's vagina'.

He then proceeded to shut the door (not without more swearing and muttering) after which he kicked the door and proceeded to walk slowly and deliberately towards the bound Ria.

I'll get it torn off this door and have the ass who made it thrashed within an inch of his life, if it's the last thing I do!

" Ria decided that no matter how strong her captor was, she would beat him to pieces.

Ria refrained from chasing them: she knew they would go wailing to her boyfriends and she would unnecessarily have to disfigure more people.

Apart from her flawless figure, her physical ability surpassed all in her school except for the most of the most athletic without presenting a shade of built muscle, and even then by only a small margin.

Her prayers were answered not long later by footsteps which approached a door at the far end of the room.

Ria, who had retreated deep within herself in an attempt to escape the pain and had thus fallen half asleep, perked up as she heard a key slip into a lock and rattle around, followed by a series of profane oaths and curses, followed by a "Blast this fucking lock!

Her breasts were what other females called "too showy, and worse because of those disgusting tops that she wears" and the males called "absolutely perfect!

Those tops she wears show the curve exactly as it should be." Ria was equally proud of the rest of her body, and not without reason.

One must now pause to wonder why, as Ria herself was doing, this stunning beauty had found herself in a room lit dimly by candles that surrounded the walls at distances of ten feet from each other, with her arms and legs chained to the wall behind her.