You’re almost certain to see some surprised looks, as well as hear “where did you learn that?!” Some warning: the slang in this article is in Hangul, the Korean alphabet.Short for 엄마친구의 아들 (my mom’s friend’s son) or 엄마친구의 딸 (my mom’s friend’s daughter), these phrases are used to describe “the perfect child” or someone who is good at everything.

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If you want to sound cool in Korean in 2017, then you’ve come to the right place!

Learning some Korean slang is a great way to boost your Korean skills.

So when you put them together, you get the picture of someone who is laughing explosively!

This is a shortened version of 언론플레이, which means “media play.” However, this is not all fun and games!

It is used instead of just ㅋㅋㅋ to show you 빵터지다 is a slang verb that means “to laugh really loud” with the emphasis being on the LOUD part!

터지다 usually means “to burst” and 빵 is the sound a gun or bomb makes!

In this case, 플레이 (play) is not referring to playing or fun, but rather to “manipulation.” It is used to express the act of using the media to create a beneficial image for a corporation or celebrity, etc. You can express this idea with “멘붕”, which is a combo of 멘탈 (mental) 붕괴 (deconstruction or collapse).

In Korean, this is more often used to express yourself when your mental status is on the fritz!

Short for 행복하십시오, this phrase just means “let’s be happy!