WORK EXPERIENCE Please give a brief outline of your most significant work experience, including vacation and/or voluntary work.State what you gained from this experience that will benefit you in the position you are applying for.I am interested in working for a company with a good reputation that offers high-quality training and security of employment as I feel this is necessary to allow me to achieve my potential.

If you can help, please contact me at the term-time address above.

Soundmanpt , Carrie Seeing family and friends is really what Christmas is all about. i went a few times but as much as she tried to make me feel welcome somehow I just felt out of place.

MENA region will be a source of growth for international brands particularly within the mid-range eyewear sector.

In the GCC alone, Gf K estimates the optics market to be worth €1.6 billion while the overall Middle East market has been predicted at €2.4 billion.

None of these jobs are really relevant to a career in marketing but they have given me a broad insight into the job market and experience of working with other people as well as independently.

This experience also gave me the committment to study hard and to do well in my degree.

To join this new segment, contact our team on [email protected] for more information Read More A scientific programme for all eyecare professionals.

Following the Vision-X conference theme to provide the comprehensive scientific program for all eyecare professionals, Vision-X will introduce ophthalmic topics and workshops as part of the conference agenda this year.

To be honest Christmas isn't one on my favorite times of the year.