Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift E when you make the selection.If you click on one of the cells, you can see the RTD function used to get the data in the formula bar.Differing from the cell referencing method used in the 3.1 example, this method is hard coded and references specific feed codes and ticker symbols in the formula.

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These will be the fields you wish to export to Excel. There are two ways to export to Excel using RTD links.

The first step for both methods is to select the cells you want to be exported to Excel by holding down left click on the mouse and dragging the mouse across all of the data you want to export.

If you haven't installed a real-time data server, the RTD function returns the #NAME?

error message in a cell when you try to use the RTD function.

**Please note that it is only possible to copy RTD links for historical data if you have an Infront Plus terminal. This means that the data will not dynamically update every day, but rather be static and reference data on specific dates instead.

If you do not have Infront Plus, you can still use “Copy DDE Link” when copying historical prices. A historical RTD formula consists of the following elements: =RTD("ontrade.hist","", For example, in the below example, the formula is requesting the open price for BMW on feed XET (Frankfurt Xetra, Equities) for 20/04/2017: =RTD("ontrade.hist","","XET","BMW","Prices By Date","2017-04-20","open","CW") Using this method of exporting historical data, you can change the date to reflect the value of that specific date.As you can see from the below, the formula uses cell referencing and is therefore dynamic and more flexible. Paste into Excel and the highlighted selection will populate the Excel worksheet.=RTD("ontrade.quotes","",$C6,$D6, F) Copy RTD Link. If you click one of the cells you can see the RTD function used to get the data in the formula bar.So for example, start by using cell referencing to reference a cell instead of a specific date in the formula: Now, if I change the date in cell A1 from 20/04/2017 to 20/04/2016, the open price will change to reflect the open price on the new date: The Infront Plus terminal comes with an advanced equity and sector Analytics platform.Install the Infront Excel Add-in to utilize the full depth of equity fundamental information available in Excel.CQG Integrated Client version 8.4 supports Real Time Data for sending data and other market information to Microsoft Excel®.