Unfortunately, dating violence is altogether too common. While generally young women are more likely to experience dating violence than young men (13 percent of young women versus 7 percent of young men in the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey from 2013), a recent study showed that in some populations this difference might not be present.

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One participant at the Parent-Teen conference said, The Men in Motion campaign, a campaign held for Human Options’ Men in Motion support group, raised funds to support prevention education in Orange County.

These crucial funds are what allowed our educators to reach so many people in such a short amount of time in order to raise the proper awareness that teen dating violence deserves.

As you might remember, February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. but it’s no longer February, we’re extending this Leap Day to a Leap Week, which means that we’re right on the mark (and feel totally justified given that the temperatures here are in the single digits and there are several inches of snow on the ground).

Additionally, preventing teen dating violence is incredibly important, so we’re giving it a little extra attention. will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in a relationship before they become adults.

Understanding the signs of domestic violence and causes of domestic abuse are crucial to breaking this domestic violence cycle. Take the Domestic Violence Test) "That slap across my face was just a one-time thing, plus I probably deserved it," you think, completely oblivious to the cycle of violence that has just entered your life.

The first physical assault may shock you, but most victims will accept their abuser's apologies and excuses, easily setting the stage for a cycle of abuse to flourish.

This was a busy month for Human Options’ community educators as they traveled throughout Orange County to different schools, businesses and groups providing compelling teen dating violence presentations and workshops.

They provided over 20 presentations, reaching approximately 674 students, faculty, and community members.

Her special interests include preventive pediatric care, adolescent health and care of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth.

The month of February was recognized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month.

The group of men is comprised of many local business and community leaders who choose to stand up to domestic violence and lend their unique voice on the issue.