Fine dining destinations Many men who love and can afford the good life can be found dining at the most expensive addresses in town.

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Apart from this, it epitomizes many of the best attractions of Florida like natural beauty, high quality of life and exclusive recreational options.

So if you are looking to meet and date rich men in Florida, a good idea would be to start your search with Jacksonville.

In fact a 2006 report on the top ten US cities with the wealthiest households published by financial news website shows that at least three of them are in the state of Florida.

Most of these are owned by millionaires who have spent a lifetime making money and now are looking to retire and relax in the sunny environs of Florida.

Other than these, make it a point to attend shows, parades and celebrations like the Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular organized by the military where you can mingle with a lot of eligible officers.

And while officers from the military may not bring home the kind of inflated paychecks that rule the corporate world, still the glamour of the uniform and the many perks of the services may offer you equally luxurious dating opportunities.Wealthy guests at these destinations can be found to indulge themselves in the spa, tee off at the golfing links or fine-tune their serve-and-volley at the nets.So these places offer some realistic opportunities to make your acquaintance with rich men some of who may even be single and willing to take you out.While Miami and Palm Beach are the hottest of Florida’s vacation spots, Jacksonville has its own share of pretty beaches where a few millionaires might end up going to soak in some sun.The three beach towns in and around Jacksonville are the Atlantic Beach, the Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach.The group is an intentional multicultural space, but all queer and transgender people are welcome.