The thieves then capture and use that information to their advantage.A typical “phishing” scam would be an e-mail from a large bank stating, “We have charged your account .00 for the items you ordered.

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Disable validating identity on wireless video

· Contact the website for your firewall/security software and make sure you have the latest updates and virus definitions; · Ensure that the executable files are listed, or “approved” in the firewall preferences.

Those executables are: o (only present during installation and activation) In all cases it is best to check with the security/anti-virus/firewall application manufacturer, and to read the manual or search the on-line help to see how to add Fast Connect™, or any other application to the list of safe software and/or sites.

Click this link to verify your purchase,” and upon clicking the link, a very real looking website opens, and you are prompted to enter a card number, account number, SSN, etc.

– some unique identifier for you, in order to see the “order.” In fact, by entering the information, you are providing your account credentials to the felons.

For non-financial sites, the customer still benefits from the ease of using the single PIN entry for one-click access to their stored accounts.

Although security applications may provide a password manager application, they do not provide the protection of the secure browser.

Your Fast Connect™ is constantly monitoring, verifying and validating the IP addresses and sign-in procedures for more than 8,000 financial sites.

That means you'll be signing into a legitimate Web site, not a fake one.

We validate the internet IP addresses, and do this for over 8k financial institutions in the United States.