In an interview with British newspaper The Sun, Heather made her feelings on Vanessa – who Johnny has children Lily-Rose (15) and Jack (12)with – clear. She was always polite, nice and cordial to her but to us she was a lot more honest.” Heather also painted a bleak portrait of Johnny’s relationship with his sister Debbie – Billy’s mother.She alleged that the siblings had a falling out over who would care for their 80-year-old mother and didn’t speak for a year.

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Especially in the racket that I'm in because you're constantly away or they're away and so it's hard. "In terms of the breakup, I definitely wasn't going to rely on the drink to ease things or cushion the blow or cushion the situation," says the star, known for trashing hotel rooms in the early '90s. I felt it was my duty to be real clear throughout that. "It really was as if a veil was lifted, and things became clearer, and I went, ' Oh, I f-cking get it now! That's what it's for, this beautiful little creature that I took part in creating, making.' I didn't have a real handle on what life was supposed to mean or be or anything like that. And I'm not sure that life is supposed to mean anything or be anything at all," the actor muses.

I had something pretty serious to focus on, really, which was making sure that my kids were gonna be cool." PHOTOS: Johnny Depp and other '80s heartthrobs, then and now Depp tells that his children are doing fine in the wake of his breakup with the French model and actress, 40. "But as long as you have the opportunity to breathe, breathe.

My mother was raised in a shack, in the wilds of Appalachia, where the toilet was an outhouse.

She used to say she did the same things that her mom did — and her mom certainly didn't know any better.

But this leaves us with one lingering question: what does Carla think about all of this?

Angelina Jolie shocked the world when she filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Brad Pitt — but there’s one woman for whom the news is likely no surprise.But if you're like us and enjoy a little romance rumor now and then, here's another tidbit from the ?After all, Vanessa is a chanteuse in her own right, releasing a slew of albums since the early '90s in addition to modeling."Not to say they were bad parents, because they weren't.They just didn't know any different, and it was a very different time.Since the split with her boyfriend of 14 years, the model was linked to French millionaire Guy-David Gharbi.