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updating gnome-39

Themes can customize the look of aspects of Cinnamon, including but not limited to the menu, panel, calendar and run dialog.

Applets are icons or texts that appear on the panel.

If you are not using a template in ARCHICAD, then you are doing it wrong. As long as I’m using ARCHICAD, I’ll continue to update my template and share it via this site.

The current version of the template is for ARCHICAD 21 (for more info about the latest version and an introduction video, click here).

Gradually, various core applications were adapted by the Mint developers.

Beginning with version 1.2, released in January 2012, Cinnamon's window manager is Muffin, which was originally a fork of GNOME 3's Mutter.

Like several other desktop environments based on GNOME, including Canonical's Unity, Cinnamon was a product of dissatisfaction with GNOME team's abandonment of a traditional desktop experience in April 2011. GNOME 2) had included the traditional desktop metaphor, but in GNOME 3 this was replaced with GNOME Shell, a severely reduced abstract metaphor that lacked a taskbar-like panel and other basic features of a conventional desktop.

The elimination of these elementary features was unacceptable to the developers of distributions such as Mint and Ubuntu, which are addressed to users who want interfaces that they would immediately be comfortable with.

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