Another shortcut now that we've talked about the details is that you might just run a one-liner like this to get the consolidated list: Next step, how to do the upgrade on the default EAP (we'll talk about custom EAPs later in the post).Since the "Default Policy" EAP has a well-known filter, we can simply provide the Exchange 2007 equivalent of this well-known filter to do the upgrade.

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As discussed in this earlier blog post on OPATH Filters, Exchange 2007 uses a new style of filter syntax to replace the LDAP filters of previous versions.

New users will still be provisioned according to those policies.

However you will not be able to edit those objects from 2007 Exchange Management Console until they are upgraded.

But what if you've created some special EAP or AL objects for your organization, over and above the built-in set of EAP and AL objects?

How can you convert the "not-so-well-known" LDAP filter you have created into an equivalent OPATH filter for use by Power Shell?

Exchange 2007 adds one new AL to expose just the resource mailboxes of type room: "All Rooms".

The "All Rooms" AL is already updated to Exchange 2007 filter and version, but the other five default ALs are not.

Like with the default EAP example above, you can try to edit these in the GUI or you can run a simple one-liner to confirm that these ALs are in need of an upgrade: So, now that you've made an inventory of your legacy ALs, let's get those default ones upgraded!

Since these five ALs have well-known filters, we can simply provide the Exchange 2007 equivalent of these well-known filters to do the upgrades.

Here's the one-liner: When you run this one-liner, you'll be prompted to ask whether you REALLY want to do the upgrade with this text: "To save changes on object "Default Policy", the object must be upgraded to the current Exchange version.